Life is short and you have to live it to the fullest! My wife Shauna and I have moved our family to Queenstown, New Zealand to write the next chapter in our book of adventures – and I couldn’t be more excited.

1. Family

First and foremost, moving to New Zealand from the United States gives us an incredible opportunity to put a renewed focus on our family vs. careers and the American Rat Race.

Amelia, 3, and Olivia, 5, point out native Kiwi parrots while on a family trip through Fiordlands National Park.
Amelia, 3, and Olivia, 5, point out native Kiwi parrots while on a family trip through Fiordlands National Park.

Queenstown is incredibly safe and family friendly – and it’s Shauna’s childhood home. We look out our front door at Lake Wakatipu and are within a one-hour drive of five awesome ski resorts. We have more kilometers of tracks to go tramping within an hour drive of our house than was within 400 miles of our home in the Midwest United States.  Quite literally, we can take a road trip every weekend for a year and never take the same path twice.

What better memories can we give our children than the hikes, kayaking, and road trips we’ll take as we explore the peace and serenity of the outdoors than the remarkable Central Otago and Fiordland region? We hope you’ll come visit us so we can take you on an adventure too!

2. Learning

For my entire career, when I’ve sought every opportunity to learn something new. Whether it be walking the streets of a city while on business travel, taking a factory tour to learn how a client’s widget is made or just reading volumes of non-fiction books, I’m always trying to consume information.

It’s been incredibly valuable to me professionally and intellectually. My clients have consistently recognized me as widely-read and attentive to details; that breadth of knowledge has allowed me to couple my inquisitive nature with thoughtful questions that result in fascinating, deep conversations with professionals and clients that build trust quickly and deepens my relationships with them.

Do you have a great publication or resource I should be reading? Please send it my way.

3. Technology

I’ve been a tech junkie since childhood. The love and familiarity of new technology have enabled me to develop strong leadership skills within teams seeking to be on the cutting edge. The past 5 years of my career has been particularly focused on technology, entrepreneurship, and corporate start-ups – and it has made my career incredibly fun.

Luckily for me, my passion for learning is well-served, because technology changes at such an incredible pace. As such, I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about how technology impacts product strategy, business development, and the customer experience.

4. Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

Having walked in their shoes when I started up PatentStatus, I truly am inspired and excited to sit with entrepreneurs and self-starters who have a dream or idea and want to pursue it. I read tech start-up publications and blogs religiously – and will always make the time to chat with someone who has an idea, or is knee-deep in things and wants input. My favorite thing about the start-up process is “pitching” the idea and getting critical feedback. That back-and-forth dialogue generates new ideas, drives self-awareness and generates newfound energy.

I love attending events like Start-up Weekend just to dive deep into the culture and energy of those who seek to launch a company – it’s invigorating for me every time.

Now that we’re here in Queenstown, I’m hoping to help the Innovate Queenstown group organize and formulate a long-term strategy to make Queenstown the Adventure Tech capital of the world. That includes building a strong start-up scene here.

More passions

Of course, I have other passions too – but those tend to play as a subset of the four themes above.

I am a huge bourbon connoisseur! I love vintage cars, skiing, hiking, international travel, investing and public speaking. But above all else, I am passionate about new experiences that challenge me to try something new and push my own boundaries!