The CliftonStrengths assessment is a Web-based assessment of normal personality from the perspective of Positive Psychology. The Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment helps identify the areas where you (or team if being used in that context) have the greatest potential for building strength. It measures recurring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior. 

In a culture that focuses on developing or fixing our weaknesses, the StrengthsFinder tool focuses on what is right and strong about you. Companies often use Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to help build strong people, strong teams and strong culture. It is only from a place of strength that individuals and organizations can have significant and long-term impact.

Below are James’ key 5 dominating themes and a detail of how that enables him to excel with those strengths:

Top Five CliftonStrengths Themes

Overview: People exceptionally talented in the Ideation theme are fascinated by ideas. They are able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.

James: Because of your strengths, you sometimes opt to systematically study particular subjects, rules, processes, mechanisms, or programs when you work alone. In your opinion, deciding how to do something might be one of the advantages of being an individual contributor. Chances are good that you routinely contrive innovative ideas. The art of invention stimulates your mind. You likely spring from one original thought to an entirely different one. You usually find unique ways to link two or more concepts. It’s very likely that you might search for new and fresh ways to make upgrades or enhancements. When you suspect there is a better way to do something, you might make certain revisions or test specific innovations. Instinctively, you want people to see you as a winner, as “number one,” or as the very best in various activities. Being quite sensitive to what others think of you probably is a powerful motivating force that usually works to your advantage. Driven by your talents, you bring new thoughts to most discussions and meetings. Your reputation for innovative thinking explains why you are recruited by groups. You derive satisfaction from mental activity. You recognize when you are especially creative.

Overview: People exceptionally talented in the Intellection theme are characterized by their intellectual activity. They are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions.

James: By nature, you prefer having quiet time to mull over ideas as well as read and examine interesting topics. Periods of uninterrupted thinking give you great pleasure. You probably excuse yourself from noisy, active, or distracting situations to thoroughly process your ideas. It’s very likely that you pay close attention to current events. Numerous people merely recount what they heard, saw, or read. Typically you dive deeper into the topic. You are likely to generate theories, concepts, or philosophies to explain the reasoning behind newsmakers’ decisions. You routinely gather information about events, policy statements, people, or crises. Your fresh insights are likely to draw equally engaged thinkers into the conversation. Instinctively, you choose to associate with people who think big and think smart. Exchanging ideas, concepts, or theories with intelligent individuals exhilarates you. You pull together as many thoughts as possible from these animated conversations. You never know when someone’s question or suggestion will be valuable. You mentally file away or physically document these snippets — that is, small bits — of insight or wisdom for easy retrieval. Because of your strengths, you are willing to spend time sharing your ideas with intelligent individuals. Of course, you want them to tell you their latest thinking. Conversations that involve a lot of questions and answers stimulate your mind. You know you have spent your time wisely when you have a number of new ideas, theories, or concepts to somehow file away or remember for future use. Driven by your talents, you sometimes enliven or stop conversations with your thought-provoking statements, unusual viewpoints, jarring questions, pointed demands, or candid opinions. Sometimes you deftly play the devil’s advocate — that is, take the opposing view. Once in a while, you force people to think philosophically about the meaning of good, evil, truth, justice, or happiness.

Overview: People exceptionally talented in the Command theme have presence. They can take control of a situation and make decisions.

James: Because of your strengths, you often tackle assignments with great enthusiasm and speed. Your “Let’s just do it right now!” attitude causes many of your friends to pitch in and work alongside you. They probably share your desire to capture topmost honors and first-place titles. Instinctively, you seem willing to take chances. You frequently venture into unknown territory when that can make the difference between capturing first place and finishing in second or third place. It’s very likely that you occasionally appear to be a pragmatist — that is, someone who spends time on factual matters or

practical affairs. You might demand that certain individuals working with you become fluent in the language of their chosen profession, area of study, or field of interest. Once in a while, you may express displeasure when you must stop to explain a subject-specific or technical term that the person should already know. By nature, you periodically issue direct orders to certain individuals. Some may feel you are overstepping the bounds of your authority or are being a bit bossy. Perhaps this is just your way of influencing some people to apply their time or energy to the task at hand. Chances are good that you might enjoy discovering complicated words and committing their meanings to memory. Maybe you are pleased to add a few uncommon terms to your vocabulary. Possibly few things please you more than showcasing bits and pieces of your newfound vocabulary in conversations, discussions, or presentations. Perhaps you are taken aback — that is, surprised and confused — if some people feel threatened by your command of language.

Overview: People exceptionally talented in the Achiever theme work hard and possess a great deal of stamina. They take immense satisfaction in being busy and productive.

James: It’s very likely that you aspire to head up a large enterprise. You feel you can transform this hope into reality by working quite hard. Chances are good that you work earnestly to manage your money and material resources. Eliminating various forms of waste is one of your personal goals. This probably explains many of your habits for buying, saving, or investing. Instinctively, you may enjoy launching projects, diving into assignments, or starting new jobs. Sometimes you are the person who motivates others to begin tasks. To some degree, you gravitate to difficult-to-reach goals and relish taking charge. Perhaps you choose to forge ahead rather than wait for someone in authority to give you permission. Because of your strengths, you commonly invest extra time and energy in causing people to realize you hold them in high regard. This probably is one way you help them recognize their value as human beings. Driven by your talents, you might become enthused about beginning new jobs, new assignments, new courses of study, or new hobbies. Perhaps the early stages of an endeavor motivate you to upgrade or perfect certain things. Sometimes you exhibit more energy or interest at the very start of a venture than at any other time.

Overview: People exceptionally talented in the Competition theme measure their progress against the performance of others. They strive to win first place and revel in contests.

James: It’s very likely that you feel rather dissatisfied with your life when you are deprived of opportunities to engage in a variety of rivalries, games, or contests. You are drawn to situations where only one person emerges victorious. Chances are good that you reveal to certain people your deep-seated desire to succeed. Perhaps you are a bit more intentional than some individuals about striving for promotions, fame, or financial gain. Maybe you showcase your natural or acquired abilities. You might handle particular activities with apparent ease. Instinctively, you rely on reason to make sense of facts, events, people’s behavior, problems, or solutions. You consistently outmaneuver others when comparisons are being made between your results and theirs. Driven by your talents, you yearn to lead a big organization. You want to be the person who makes major decisions. You like the idea of being “number one.” By nature, you aim to lead a big organization one day. You invest time gathering information about the responsibilities of the top position. In essence, you become a student of the job as well as the institution’s opportunities, problems, challenges, shortcomings, or resources. Methodically, you acquire the knowledge and skills needed to apply for this role when it becomes available. You are determined that your credentials will outshine everyone else’s.

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